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March 3rd, 2011

03:53 am - All facebooked up

Hi there Livejournal!!!  I haven't posted here for 127 weeks.  Wow that's a long time!  Guess most of the world got side-swiped by Facebook.  Since that is what has greatly consumed my home free time now.  It's such a time waster it's banned on my work network, which is fine with me.  I don't need the temptation to farm my games while I'm busy doing a billion other things during my busy work day.  :)

I dealt at Oscars tonight with the Wasatch Poker Tour.  A couple months ago some of the old dealers were getting fed up at the low amount of tips, so they shuffled people around, and I went down there to be dealer #3.  We decided that it would be best to only do 3 tables, so if tips were low we'd only have to split them 3 ways.  Tips have been getting progessively better since then. 

Tonight we were up to about 18 alternates, so Laura (regular player, math teacher) decided she thought it would be fun to try dealing, she was thinking about becoming a dealer.  So we paused after the 1st blinds and setup a 4th table.  By the time we were done she said "Yeah it was a lot of fun for the first 45 minutes or so, but then I decided that I don't want to be a dealer anymore."  Surprisingly we got the best tips tonight since I started there.  :)

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September 21st, 2008

06:24 am - Other life kinks this week
So Rhett and Amber bought a house and Tommy and Chrisam are moving in with them.  It's a really nice house with 5 bedrooms, 3 bath, huge yard and deck, near the freeway kinda.  They said I could move in if I wanted, which I have been seriously considering.  I've been sick of the constant random messes left by drunk people or cats or dogs here, and the cat litter nasty stink.  I've never really liked my room, because it has a huge window that rattles every time a large vehicle passes by on 23rd east.  Since Tommy and Chrisam are moving out, Wally offered me a room at that place he's staying in also.  The other night I finally brought up my thoughts of moving out to my roommates/friends Andy, Mikey and Tonya.  At this point if I moved out, then they would be screwed, even though if Mikey and Andy had better jobs like they did when they moved in, they could probably afford to split this place 3 ways.  They freaked out a bit at the time, so I told them it wasn't set in stone yet.  Then the next night Mikey talked to me about it, and months ago he mentioned getting a nicer place and wanting me to move in, which I said sounded cool.  So he pleaded that I wait until after Christmas to move out so hopefully by then they'll be in a better financial situation.  The landlord put up a For Sale sign in front of the house though, so there's a small possibility we could get a 30 day notice anytime.

There was a bit of drama at my Murray store between myself and the manager who decided to demote me from Lead Tech, so the district manager told me last week that he wanted me to move back to the SLC store and be the RMA manager again.  Replacing a pay dock with another raise is a good thing, so I accepted.  This week has been quite a shock, because so much is in disarray that there are a ton of upset customers.  I freaked out loudly at the tech bay on Thursday because of some very bad issues with people not giving proper customer communication, then I took the DM in the back to discuss that and a bunch of other issues I'd found in that store this week.  So hopefully things will be a lot better next week.  I felt better when I got a personal email from Dan (the laptop man) saying how he heard I was stressed out, and gave me some advice and told me how much he appreciates me, asking if there was anything he could do.  It's awesome when a busy company owner takes the time to make sure I'm ok.  :)

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July 17th, 2008

02:27 am - Camping, Camping? and more CAMPING!

So a group of my old friends have been planning a campout for this week for a few months now.  I got the time off before my current manager was there, so I've had to remind them about it happening.  We're going to Moon Lake from Friday to Sunday, and it should be pretty sweet.

We set up a tent at Sequence last weekend, so that's a little bit like camping, but not really.  Too bad it got shut down and we were only there for less than 3 hours.  We spent more time driving to the big outdoor party than we spent there.  Everyone I was with found the substances they were looking for though.  It was a very crazy night!

My family reminded me at the last minute about a family campout with many cousins and their families and kids, so I took some last second time off to go up to Logan Canyon on the 4th of July.  I asked my cousin Brian about hiking, and he said there was a trail to these wind caves across the street.  So after getting people together the next day I went hiking with 14 people, 10 of us made it to the caves.  My cousin Brian and 2 of his nieces and 1 nephew took up the lead.  I hung back with my brother Ben, his wife Paloma, her sister Marisol, my sister Miriam, her husband Chris, and my 6 yr old nieces Audrey and Hailey, 4 yr old Kate and 2 yr old Max.  2 yr old Ruth stayed at camp with my cousin Sarah.  The 2 youngest kids had to be carried on shoulder most of the time.  We got most of the way there and Miriam and Chris wanted to turn around, but their twin girls wanted to make it to the caves, so they stuck with the rest of us to make it to the caves.  When we got there we didn't even know we were there at first, and we were standing right on top of it.  Walked a little further and found a few paths that went down into it, it was pretty cool.  It was the kids first real hike, just under 2 miles each way.  The pace was so slow on the way up though that I decided to run down by myself since Brian's group had left right after we got there, which was good exercise and a lot of fun.  :)

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July 13th, 2008

08:58 am - Lagoon day?
Do you like roller coasters?
Because I sure do! Especially when myself and someone special can have a fun day at Lagoon and have a nice lunch all for free for the PC Laptops summer party. I'm not sure who that "someone special" will be yet, but I think I will request the 2 free tickets in hopes of finding someone special before then.  So who out there loves thrill rides?  Anyone interested in going with me?

It's happening Sunday August 3rd. For additional guests we've got discount all-day ride passes for $27, instead of the door price of $39.99. If you want to join us for lunch it's $9.95 for the meal pass.

The only snag is I have to submit how many tickets and meal passes I want by the end of the work day tomorrow (Monday). But I won't need the money for it until August 5th, they'll deduct the extra tickets from my paycheck then.

Let me know really soon if you're interested at all! :)

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June 22nd, 2008

12:25 pm - Computer Woes

This week has been quite insane at my work.  The assistant manager went on vacation, so I've been the keyholder in his place, and it's been quite hectic having to take care of extra things.  Looking back at this week, for some crazy reason nobody has bought a computer from me, even though I've pitched a bunch of them and my co-workers have closed deals.  In my business a chunk of my pay is based on how much I sell, so I'm kind-of in the toilet right now.  I've had 3 systems stuck on my bench since Wednesday, because they've had hard drive issues and cd-rom issues, so it's made fixing them a painstakingly long process trying to get the data moved around stuff while dealing with even more distractions than ever.  For the longest time I've had Thursday off, but decided I wanted a change of pace, so starting this week I'll have Sunday-Monday off.  Hopefully more relaxation will help me be more on my toes during my work week.  But I'm planning on going in tomorrow for a couple hours to put the final touches on those 3 problem child computers so I can have a fresh start on Tuesday.

In hiking news...  I went out and picked up Levi since Fry was working late last night, we picked up Wally and headed toward the mountain.  We were going to try for Willow Heights, but since it was almost 9 and the sun was starting to set, I made a quick destination change again and we went to Bell Canyon.  We got up to the little reservoir there and it was crazy full, the fullest I've ever seen.  We hiked up the side and onto a trail I had only been on from the other direction that looped around the reservoir.  I was like "we can just loop all the way around"  Silly me for forgetting the rushing water, we got pretty much all the way around and there's a place where you normally walk over these rocks where the water is trickling into this stream, well those rocks ended up being all under water where it was a rushing river instead.  Someone had stuck a little log across to cross it, but half of it was under water, we were so close to making the loop but decided we didn't want to risk falling in and getting wet, or just wading across, so we went back around the way we came.  When our side trail emerged from the darkness onto the main trail, there happened to be a couple girls going up the main trail right there.  We were a bit surprised and I was like "Boo!" we had a quick laugh, chatted for a second and continued on our ways.  Good times.  :)

Wally just called and wants to go on a hike in an hour or so here.  He wants to do Grandeur again, but who knows if we'll change our minds at the last second.  So far he's the only one that has expressed interest, I wonder if we'll find some other peeps to join us.

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June 20th, 2008

10:35 am - Catching up...
New Record:  2nd place finish at Piper Down

It wasn't this week, but last week on June 10th, Mikey and Rhett went with me to the Piper Down.  Mikey went out and disappeared early on, then Rhett went out a bit afterwards.  Rhett checked out my chip stack and said he was just gonna walk home.  So I decided I was going to play really tight poker to see how long I could last.  When I made it to heads up the leader had at least 6 times my chip stack, and then I just kept getting crap hands I kept folding, wasting my blinds.  It was a lot of fun and I got a $60 bar gift card for 2nd place.

On Sunday I went to Willow Heights again with Wally, Riley and Nicole.  This time the snow was melted, so I could see where we totally went the wrong way from my previous adventure up there with Sam and Andy.    There was a new pond/giant puddle down a bit below the actual lake, and as we approached it we could here tons of little frogs, but when we got to be about 30 feet away they all went silent and hid in the mud because we couldn't see them either.  1 of them made some croaking from across the way while we were there, but then as we continued up the hill as we got out of range they all started their chorus of croaking again, pretty crazy.  We hiked across this beaver dam and went exploring a bit on the side of the lake I haven't been on, it was really cool.  Wally and Riley said they want to go up there again and go exploring further up.

Then yesterday was my day off.  I played some Rockband with Andy for a while, then he started playing WOW and Mikey got home from work so I played with Mikey for a while, then he started playing WOW.  Wally wanted to go on an easy hike when he got off work, and had never been to Donut Falls so we went there.  The river was so crazy fast that people had abandoned their shoes to go up the river, but we decided to turn around there instead of getting all wet.  

I still wish I could find more people to come play rockband or go hiking.  ;)

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June 9th, 2008

11:59 am - Running
Mission Accomplished:  Grandeur Peak

Sam, Andy, Wally and myself conquered Grandeur peak for the first time this year yesterday, which was awesome.  Partway up Andy was starting to say "I don't think I can go to the top" but we kept encouraging him and taking breaks, so it took a while to get up there.  Sam was getting antsy about stopping toward the end so he was like "I'm just going to keep going" so I stuck with him, and we got to the point where we were on the next ridge looking back at their small figures arriving at the previous one.

Sam said he wanted to jog all the way down and he wondered if Andy was going to keep up.  I told him that I would keep up, but he took off so fast and I stopped for a second to tie my shoe so I lost him.  I stopped and sent out a mass-txt on the last ridge where you could see the valley and invited people to play poker.  While it was sending both Andy and Wally passed me going down.  Afterwards I took off running, skipping, jumping, galloping down the mountain, I passed Wally before too long.  Then a bit further I heard the jingle of Andy's pants running down the next switchback, he was trying to stay ahead of me, but I ended up passing him too.  He said he hadn't caught up to Sam at all, so I kept running for a while and then waiting for Andy to catch up.  Sam was chilling at the bottom picnic area by the road, and said he'd been waiting there for 1/2 an hour, if so he was going super fast non-stop.  :)

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June 7th, 2008

01:11 pm - Rock!
So Sam came into town for his predeployment leave last Saturday.  I figured him or someone would want to go to fetish night, but nobody wanted to.  I'm gonna try to make it out to tonight's Dark Arts night though. 

On Sunday, Andy unglued himself from his WOW to go hiking with Sam and I amazingly.  We didn't have time for a long hike so we were going to head up to Donut Falls.  On the way up I realized that every popular spot had a ton of cars there already, so I suggested we go up a little further to a less known spot called Willow Heights which has a little lake with a beaver dam in it.  We headed up the trail for a bit and then had to hike around the snow covering the trail.  We got about halfway there where it flattens out and the ground was covered completely in snow, so bad we totally lost the trail.  So we ended up hiking around the snowy hills for a while and then skiing down on our shoes, which was pretty fun.  We never found the lake, but found a pretty cool view.

Sam said he wanted to go buy Rockband so we could play it, and said he'd probably end up leaving it here when he leaves next week.  So we've been rocking out till the wee hours of the morning most of the week.  I like the drums or vocals better than guitar, though we take turns switching instruments.  I'm proud that I've been able to hit 100% on hard vocals on some songs.  :)  Who wants to come rock with me?  ;)

We talked about going camping this weekend, actually Sam and Andy's family was going and I was going to tag along.  So I got Saturday, Sunday, Monday off since I knew we were going to have 1 or 2 guys on vacation everyday the next couple weeks and I was going to have to be working some crazy hours, I deserve a break, right?  Well it turns out Sam's family decided to go Friday-Saturday and come back Saturday, which is silly because usually when I camp I try to be up there a couple days.  Since Andy had to work too, we were going to head up and meet them after we got off Friday.  But then midday Friday I talk to Sam and he says that Andy didn't work so he was with him and they were going then and couldn't wait for me.  They gave me directions to where they were staying at Payson Lake, but I've never been there and didn't want to drive far into the unknown alone in the dark, so I nixed the idea and went and played Mario Party at Rhett's instead.

So now I have all this time off and nothing fun to do.  Maybe I'll clean a bit.  Anyone want to entertain me today?  So far I've been a lazy bum laying in bed playing on my laptop.  Must get up now.

COME PLAY POKER TOMORROW PEOPLE!  It's Sam's last week here before he ships out again, so I hope more people will come over to play or hang out.  I want to try and get to the top of Grandeur tomorrow with whoever wants to join us, probably go around 1-2.  Then we'll play poker around 8ish in case there's any family stuff going on.  Let me know if you're interested! 

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May 22nd, 2008

05:31 pm - Numbness Wearing Off
I just got back from the dentist a bit ago.  I've been numb for hours but can finally almost feel my tongue again.  I seriously dread going for some reason.  I thought I was going to get a root canal, but they said they were just doing a bunch of fillings today.  I had no idea a few fillings would take so long, I was there for almost 2 hours.  One reason I've been so reluctant to go is because I wasn't in any kind of pain, but they set me up with a treatment plan when I was, and I'm trying to take better care of myself.  I still have a few visits and a couple root canals to go, which I've never had done before.  I seriously have weird issues with needles, I squirm around even though they put numbing stuff on first.  

I'm worse with Doctors though, I haven't been to see one in many years.  I probably should get a check up, physical or something though.  I just have a very hard time trusting them for fear that they'll mis-diagnose something and make things worse than if my body just took care of things on it's own.  It sucks waiting forever with a bunch of miserable people around just to leave more disappointed than when you went in.

Ahhhhhhhh... I'm so bored today.  Money has been so tight since Levi and Fry moved out.  Mikey and Tonya have been moving in this month.  I wish I made more money for the technical knowledge I have.  I stay there because it's fun most of the time, time flys by, and I feel really smart because I can resolve any problem.  That and job hunting is something I dread also.  But since I'm broke, I'm just sitting around by myself until Andy gets home.  But I'll probably get sick of being here and go hang out over at Rhettro and Chrisam's and play some Wii games or something.  If the weather wasn't so crappy I'd try for a night hike.

I wish I could find some cool chick to play with, that wants to play with me too.  ;)
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May 11th, 2008

12:09 pm - Rockband
So Mikey kept calling me to come hang out last night, even though I was just being lazy and dinking around online.  He called from Chrisam's place just after midnight, and Tommy gets on the phone "Come on Nephi!  You have to come over because you're in our rock band, you have to come play!"  I didn't want to drive down there and turn around, so they promised they'd play for a few more hours, so we played till almost 3am.  Since everyone wants to play the drums, we take turns switching instruments.  When I'm using the guitar I always play the bass part, but tried the guitar part for the first time last night, which is trickier than I thought, especially if you don't know the song.

The first time I tried singing on the game a few weeks ago, I lost track of the words because they're so small anyway, and made the whole room bust up laughing when I was singing "duh duuuh dunn duhh" instead.  Good times.  :)
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